Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, And Cucumbers

Planted in early April, the Peaches and Cream sweet corn is tassling,

and making ears.

The pollen from the tassles falls down onto the silks of the growing ears and pollenates them, making nice full ears. And since corn is attractive to racoons, we put up an electric fence to keep them out of the garden.

A solar powered wonder, it says NO to marauding, theiving racoons with a capital N. What a wonderful feeling. Ahh…..we can sleep soundly at night. We’ll have fresh sweet corn in a few weeks.

Also we are getting the first tomatoes from our garden. Transplanted back in April, they have grown by leaps and bounds and have made a ton of green tomatoes, and recently some of them finally ripened.

Here’s the Grape tomatoes,

and here’s the Celebrity.

Oh the joy!

The Bush Crop cucumbers planted in May, have made a lot of baby cukes,

and recently some of them ripened too.

So, now we have cukes and maters every day.  Fresh produce from the garden- surely the 8th wonder of the world.

How does your garden grow?


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