Horses In Nebraska

Sometimes the best photo opportunities are not planned. Case in point: A couple years ago, we were on a road trip in Western Nebraska. While traveling down a gravel road, we happened upon this scene.

It was nearly perfect. From the pale greens and browns of the grass, to the hills looming in the distance, to the clouds ripping along on the wind.

And the horses were some of the prettiest I’ve seen.

This is cattle country, and more than likely these are ranch horses.

They didn’t mind us stopping and taking pictures of them.

Even the fence was perfect for the scene.

These pictures soothe my soul. I’ve gone back and looked at them many times, wishing I could spread the soul-soothing around.

Hope these bring some peace into your day.

—> Up Next:  Since the heatwave is still on, we need to cool off, so we’re visiting the Chase County Waterfalls. Ahhhh….

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