Chase County Waterfalls

About a year ago in June, Harland and I took a road trip down to Chase County in Kansas. The county lake there has a waterfall we love to visit. So today, since the ongoing heatwave seems to have no end in sight, I thought I’d share some pictures of the waterfalls with you. Think cool thoughts everyone.

The outflow of the lake goes into Prather Creek and that is where the waterfall is located.

The drop of the falls is about 40 feet, and the pool at the base of the falls is about knee deep, perfect for wading.

Further downstream there are a few smaller falls, with drops of less than 10 feet.

Don’t you just love to watch the movement of water?

Of couse, no visit to a body of water would be complete without seeing a resident damselfly. This is a male Ebony Jewelwing.

Hope these pics give those of you suffering under the broiler some relief.

Take care all, and have a great weekend. Stay cool!
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