Late Summer Flower Garden

I haven’t shared any pics of my flowers with you in a long time. And lately, with the ongoing blast furnace that is our weather, they aren’t looking so good. But I grabbed my camera last evening, and while there was some leftover pizza reheating in the toaster oven (the one in the kitchen, not the outdoor toaster oven, ha ha), I took a few quick shots.  Here are my impatiens. I planted them in between the hosta and columbine. I love pink.

They like shade so they are on the north side of the house.

Here is an aster that is native to Kansas. I planted it from seed last year, and now it’s starting to bloom for the first time.The flowers are tiny – no bigger than your fingernail.

Here’s another native wildflower called Mexican Hat. I planted it from seed last year too.

I found this little butterfly resting on the Mexican Hat. I was using my macro and had the lens right up to him, but he didn’t fly away.

He is called a Purple Hairstreak, and he was a real cutie, only about a half inch long.

And here are the yellow mums. They were there by the front door 10 years ago when Harland(hubby) bought the house. They have occasional blooms all summer, and then put on a beautiful show in the fall. (Don’t know their name, sorry.)

At this point, the pizza was ready, and I was sweating my life away in the yard. So ended the flower tour.

The weather is supposed to improve over the weekend, and maybe we’ll get some welcome rain.


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