The Shoe Tree

Harland: Do you want to go see the shoe tree?

Me: The what?

Harland: A tree in the middle of nowhere with shoes nailed to it.

Me: Ok.

I’ve known the hubby long enough to trust that if he wants to hit the road to see something, it will be worth it, even if I have no idea what it will be. Saturday evening found us at The Kissel Shoe Tree near Wetmore, KS.

In the 1970s, John Kissel saw a magazine article about a shoe tree in another state. Inspired by the article, he began to nail shoes to a large cottonwood tree near his farm. Word spread about his shoe tree, and today the trunk, which measures 23 feet around, is covered with shoes.

There are a wide variety of shoes, from cowboy boots to house slippers to high heels.

Visitors have arrived from as far away as South Africa and Ireland. Some visitors write their names and addresses or short notes on their shoes.

I even found an roller skate.

This old workboot is showing its age.

And this being Kansas, someone just had to affix a “ruby slipper” to the tree.

There is a can of nails and hammer available, or if visitors choose, they can tie the laces of their shoes together, and then pitch the shoes up into the tree over a branch. Harland and I both reattached some shoes that had fallen onto the ground.

More information about the tree and directions to get there can be found here.


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