Cattle Round Up – Part 1

It’s that time of year again when we move our cattle from the summer pasture to the winter pasture closer to home. Our fall cattle round up is basically getting them all collected into the corral at the pasture, sorting the calves from the cows, and finally loading them on semi-trailers for the ride home.  We don’t have the manpower or horses to round up our cattle, so we lure them up into the corral with molasses flavored grain. They love it and would walk miles for a taste. For a few weeks leading up to the round up, we call them up to the corral and then feed them grain several evenings each week. Soon, they learn that coming to the corral means getting to eat grain, and by the day of the round up, all we have to do is drive around the pasture calling them and they follow us up to the corral. So on Saturday evening, we drove around the pasture calling the cows who were spread out all over the 200 acres.

Calling cows is not like calling your dog. Cows have to think about it.

Weigh their options.

Explore their inner psyche before they coming running.

So there has to be a lot of calling and honking the truck horn, about a half hour’s worth, to get the desired result.

But finally we had a good procession of cows, calves and bulls following along as we headed towards the corral.

When we reach the corral,

Harland filled the troughs,

and while everyone was sucking up grain like vacuum cleaners,

the corral gates were closed,

and the cattle had been rounded up and weren’t even aware of it.

The following morning we were up before sunrise to sort the cattle and load them onto semi trucks. But that’s a post for tomorrow.


——->UP NEXT: Getting the cattle sorted and loaded onto the trucks: A delicate dance with 1000 pound animals.


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