One of our neighbors raises sheep, and when I go for a drive around the section like I did Saturday morning taking pics of hoarfrost, I passed by the sheep pen.

This is a group of ewes who are due to have their lambs sometime in the next month.

I’ve never raised sheep, but I do love to watch them. Such quizzical expressions they have. And with all that wool, they look like they’re all wearing parkas fit for arctic weather.

I watched them for a while….and all of them watched me. (Oh look, there’s the black sheep of the family)

I was outnumbered. And it was quiet…too quiet. Were they planning to take me down and steal my camera?

They might not want to do the “raise lambs and provide wool” thing anymore.

Maybe they want to take my car and hit the open road. Feel the wind in their wool.

Take it on the lamb.

I backed slowly away, made a run for the car, dropped the hammer and raced for home.

I hope they don’t know where I live.


——> UP NEXT: The charge? 2nd Degree Attempted Birdslaughter. The accused? One very innocent looking housecat who is refusing to answer questions.

——–> Later This Week: Homemade Au Gratin Potatoes from an 1894 recipe. Plain old fashioned cooking comin’ right up.

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