My Very First Giveaway

One year ago this month, I had a hair-brained scheme to start a blog. I researched, thought and puzzled, and then jumped in with both feet. The last year has been so much fun.  I’ve learned a great deal, have been very frustrated at times with the technology, but it’s all been worth it. The best thing about having this blog has been getting to share our lives and experiences, and meeting and talking with all of you on a daily basis. So to celebrate this one year anniversary, I’ve having my very first giveaway.

And what am I giving away you ask?


That’s right folks, one of you is about to become the proud owner of a well-behaved housecat. She’s litterbox trained, she’s never late for dinner, and she’s soft and cuddly.

She also comes when you call, never does anything she’s not supposed to, has never attacked or killed any small creatures, never sharpens her claws on the furniture, and always thinks of others needs before her own.

Oh, who am I kidding?

When we call her she tells us to take a number and wait. She never does anything she’s not supposed to at least when we are watching – she waits until our backs are turned. She’s killed 3 voles, 1 bird, and tried to kill a 2nd bird- in our house. Our couch bears sad witness to her claw sharpening skills. And as far as her thinking of others needs before her own? HA!  She thinks the world revolves around her, and our sole purpose in life is to wait on her hand and foot. We adopted her and are stuck with her. I’m thinking she wouldn’t go through the US Mail very well anyway.

And there’s the small matter of us loving her in spite of ourselves.

And so…’s the real giveaway.

Remember the homemade soap we made back in January? Well it’s cured now and ready for use.  I trimmed it up last night to make it all pretty and made some labels for it.

I’m giving away 6 bars of homemade soap to 6 lucky visitors.  It has no scents or dyes, a nice silky lather, is very cleansing, but not harsh or drying.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post, and tomorrow, I’ll pick 6 winners at random.  (**Entry Now Closed. Thank you.**)

Kitty says Good Luck!


———> UP NEXT: I’ll announce the 6 winners of the soap giveaway.

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