Calf Portraits

The other night 2 of the young cows asked if I would take some portraits of their baby calves. This being their firstborn and all, they are wanting to do scrapbooks for the occasion.  So I obliged and took a bunch of pics.

Here’s the portrait studio.

And here’s the first calf.  He’s just a month old this week. You can click here to see how he looked way back when.

This being his first formal sitting, he was a little nervous and I let him explore my boots.

Then we got down to business. First he wanted everyone to see how much he’s grown in the last month. Notice how he’s filled out and put on some weight?

Then I took a couple closeups to show off his large eyes and soft fur.

He got distracted after that and wandered away.

So I moved on to our second calf’s photo shoot. He’s kinda shy too and it took a while for him to warm up.

But he soon got into it and showed me his best side.

What a nice profile you have.

And then he was ready for his close up.

And then he said, “Look, I can stick my tongue up my nose.”

It was at this point that his mother stepped in, took her son to another part of the pasture for a “talking to”, and the photo session was at an end.


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