Tractor Ride-Along

Yesterday was day 3 of the soybean planting. Harland got in about 9pm looking rather bedraggled. Planting, haymaking, and harvest require the longest days of work and take the most out of Harland.

I’m especially proud of him during these times. Riding in a tractor is a bone jarring experience. After just an hour, I’m sore all over, so it’s no wonder by the end of the day he looks like he’s done in.

Here he is taking a lap around the field.


And here’s my ride-along from the other evening.  Harland runs by GPS. It keeps track of what part of the field has been planted and indicates to him by lights on a display where he needs to drive the tractor when he starts a new trip across the field. The beeping sound you hear is a seed monitor. It tracks and makes sure the planter is releasing the right amount of seed.


He has another day to go planting soybeans, and that will be the last of the planting until winter wheat in the fall.

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