Kitty In The Window

(Note: Kitty hasn’t had a post here on the blog since early May, and lately has been threatening to short-sheet our bed if she didn’t get one. So, here you go Kitty, another post to add to your page.)

Kitty is very much a creature of routine.  Every night, she sleeps in bed with us. At 6am she gets her morning feeding, and then requests we open the bathroom window so she can sit there and look outside for an hour.

She watches the barn cats and thinks evil thoughts about them as she is an avid barn cat hater.

She watches the birds and ticks off new birds on her birdwatching life-list.

She makes k-k-k-k-k-k-k sounds when they fly close to her window.

Her little tail curls back and forth.

And at the end of an hour, she’s ready to go back to bed. Most of the time, she hops onto the bathroom floor, walks into the bedroom, and hops onto the bed. But sometimes she decides to go from the windowsill to the the bed with a showstopping flourish: she does it in one giant leap for feline-kind, so to speak.

Much preparation goes into the jump. She sets herself up, measures the distance visually, weighs the pros and cons, wiggles her butt back and forth, and then jumps in a long graceful arc onto the bed.

Then she struts around proudly, tail in the air, before settling down for a cleaning session and some well-deserved snooze time.

Just another day in the hard life of Kitty.


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