Pretty Cows

One of our neighbors has a very pretty herd of cattle. I know farmers don’t want their cattle to be thought of as pretty, but I can’t think of any other adjective that fits this herd.

They’re a mix of Charolais (the white ones) and possibly either Red Angus or Limousin (the reddish and tan ones).

The majority of cattle in our area are Black Angus, including ours, so it’s a eye catcher to see this herd.  And look how cute the calves are.

While we were visiting, they were gracious enough to demonstrate one of the ways cattle combat flies. On humid summer days, flies around here can be very pesky, so cattle graze in tight groups with their sides touching so there is less exposed skin to bite, and they can share the benefits of all their tail swishing.

It may appear strange to us humans passing by a large pasture with a herd of cattle all in a bunch like they don’t have enough room, but for them fighting flies is a group effort.

And it’s a pretty effective effort too.


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