Monarch Monday – Week 4

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For the first few weeks of his life, Mr. Monarch Caterpillar has done little but eat, eat, and eat. But sometime Thursday afternoon, he decided to move on to the next phase of his life. So he crawled away from his milkweed leaves, up the side of his pet carrier, and onto the underside of the lid. He formed a little silk pad there and Thursday night, he gripped the pad with his toes and hung head downward.

When I got home from work Friday evening, he was still hanging there. He was complaining about his blood rushing to his head and having a headache. But when I checked on him a half hour later, he had shed his caterpillar skin and in its place was a beautiful pale green chrysalis with delicate golden spots.

Mr. Monarch’s old caterpillar body parts will transform into an adult butterfly within his chrysalis in the next 10 days.

Stay tuned, by next Monday we  may see a beautiful Monarch butterfly.

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