Country Cemetery At Night

The area where we live here in northeast Kansas was once more heavily populated than it is now. Settled in the 1860s, the rural population grew until the turn of the century, but the numbers have declined ever since. As we drive through the countryside today, Harland often points and says, “There used to be a house there…… and one there too…I’m told there was a farm there…a house on that hill…”. It’s sad.¬† A few miles from our house, there is an old country cemetery.

There is no church nearby or town, just a cemetery surrounded by cornfields and pasture.

It’s thought there may have been a church here at one time. There are only about¬†50 headstones there ranging in age from the 1870s to the present.

I enjoy being outside in the evening. And for some time I’ve wanted to take pics of old tombstones at night. And this weekend seems a perfect day to show you these.



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