Opossum In Our Yard

Yesterday evening, Kitty and I were enjoying one of the last warm days of the year. I sat on the step watching the sun set as Kitty rolled around like she does when she goes outside. Finally it was time to go in and get supper ready. I picked up Kitty and as we approached the door she stiffened up as she caught sight of something in the yard.

I looked too.

It was a possum just walking along rooting around here and there like a pig. Kitty wanted to go after it for a few rounds.

“No Kitty, you can’t fight a possum, you’d lose.”  So I took Kitty in, grabbed my camera and went back out. I approached it slowly taking pics as I went, and expecting it to run away.

But it didn’t.   It just stared at me.

So I got down on the ground at eye level and clicked away.

It looked sorta like something out of a Beatrix Potter book. Doesn’t it look Mrs. Tiggywinkle?

Then Harland came driving down the road.  He stopped, got out and joined me on the ground taking pics.

Then another car went past and slowed down…stared at us….then sped up and drove away. What must they have thought of 2 people laying in the grass near the road taking pics of a possum?

Oh well.

Finally we left the possum alone and as we walked away, it began rooting around in the lawn again like nothing had happened. We’re thinking this is the possum that lives in a culvert near our garage. Must be pretty used to us by now to be so tolerant and unfazed.

I’ve always thought possums were kinda ugly. But after being up close to one, I’ve changed my mind. They’re kinda cute.

I’m naming this one Mrs. Tiggywinkle.


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