Enamelware Coffeepot

I bought this in an antique store years ago and it sits on a shelf in my kitchen, but every once in a while I pull it down and use it. It’s kinda fun to make coffee the way it was done years ago. Best I can tell from looking on the internet, this pot is from the 1940s, but I’m sure some of the readers here can give me a better idea of just how old it is. It’s pretty simple to use despite all the parts. First, I fill it about halfway full.

Then I put this thing into the pot. (if there are names to all these parts I sure don’t know what they are)

Later when the water boils, water will shoot up the center of this thing and spout out the top. Not to worry though, the lid will be on. Next, the bowl that holds the coffee grounds is added.

It has lots of little holes which allow the water to drain out and keep the coffee grounds in, but my grounds are too small and slip through the holes, so I have to add a filter.

Coffee must have been ground much coarser back then.  I add the coffee, (hey, we might be 10,000 miles from the nearest Dunkin Donuts, but I can at least get their coffee here)

put the bowl lid on,

close the coffee pot lid,

and add the glass top. It has a little indentation in it where the coffee will spout up so you can see how strong or weak the coffee is as it boils without lifting the lid.

So I put the pot on the stove and wait for it to boil. Then I reduce the heat and let it simmer.

It simmers for about 15 minutes before it looks the right color to me. 

I like weak coffee. I remove it from the stove, (hot pad needed), 

 pour it out,

add some sugar

and real cream,

and stir.  

Mmmmmm……very good.  Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Do you have a pot like this, or did you grow up with one?  I love mine, it’s one of my favorite antique finds.


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