The Cutest Calf Ever

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Up at the farm a couple days ago, one of our cows, an 8 year old, had the most adorable calf I’ve ever seen.

I took pics of him when he was less than 24 hours old.  This little guy was created by Disney.

Just look at that snowy white face, dark flashing eyes, and little pink nose.

We just bought the cow, his mom, a few weeks ago. She seemed calm enough when we bought her, but she’s turned out to be a hellcat on wheels.

She would like to grind Harland into the dirt beneath her hooves.

She specializes is throwing dirt around with her front feet like a bull in a bullring. All we need is a red cape.

When she first had the calf, Harland walked out into the pasture to make sure it was ok, and she chased him out. And she got ugly again when he put in the calf’s eartag yesterday. Hopefully she’ll calm down in time when she sees we are not going to hurt her baby.

In the meantime, we just love to stare at her adorable calf

…… from a distance.
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