Draft Horse Pull

This may look strange to our eyes, but not that long ago, draft horses were a part of life, especially on the farm where multiple teams of horses did all the labor on the farm from planting to harvest. Back then, farmers would challenge one another to see who’s team could pull the most weight. Today horse pulling is an organized sport for horse athletes.

We attended a draft horse pull in Dover, Kansas a couple weeks ago, and even though it was a blazing hot day we had a great time watching these beautiful horses exhibit their amazing raw power.

Each team takes a turn at pulling a set weight of cinder blocks on a sled. The team must pull the sled 15 feet.  More weight is added with each team’s turn. Teams are eliminated if they are unable to pull the sled the required distance. The last team left is the winner. Rules and regulations are in place to ensure the safety of the horses.

And far from the horses being reluctant to pull tons of cinder blocks on a hot summer day, the teams got excited as they were led to the sled for their turn.

For some drivers it was all they could do to hold their teams back, and then they had a hard time getting them to stop once they had pulled the required 15 feet.

Have you ever attended a draft horse pull?