Kitty On Harland’s Cellphone

Yesterday when Harland went home for lunch, he was in his office checking his email when he heard a rustling noise from the opposite corner of the room. When he investigated, he found this:

It’s Kitty in a camera bag! Harland took a pic with his cellphone  camera and showed me when I got home last night.

And then I started looking at other pics he’s taken of Kitty on his cellphone.

She spends a lot of time sitting at the kitchen table hoping for a handout, so one day Harland put a napkin around her neck.


Kitty thinks clean warm laundry fresh out of the dryer is a wonderful place to take a nap:


So is the top of the fax machine:


So is a clean comforter ready to be folded:


And on a messy desk too:

(the desk has since been tidied and organized, whew!)


Sometimes Kitty is actually awake! So she spends time watching Harland work on the computer:


Exploring an empty bag:


Or helping her less fortunate roommates: Sometimes when Harland is in the easy chair in the living room, she perches on the back of the chair.

Since she doesn’t see us washing ourselves all day long like she does, she assumes we’re filthy, and so she tries to help out by doing a little clean-up. She really gets into it too, and will work on one spot on his head for 10 minutes!

 Silly Kitty. There isn’t a corner of our lives where she isn’t involved.


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