Turn Up The Heat!

Saturday the high was about 70 degrees, and I would have been outside cleaning up the flowerbeds and washing windows if it hadn’t been for the awful 40 mph wind. Saturday night a cold front moved through, we got an inch and a half of rain, and then the temperature dropped down into the 20s. The high yesterday was only in the 30s.


I busied myself around the house folding laundry, doing dishes, vacuuming, and other fun tasks. Kitty, our little desert creature, spent her day trying to get warm. In the winter, she often sits in  front of the vent waiting for the furnace to come on,

a not-so-subtle reminder to us that she is cold, and we need to do something about it – preferably by turning up the thermostat to 90 degrees.

Yesterday evening, I was at the kitchen table organizing my recipe magazine clippings from the last 20 years to put them into a cookbook, while Kitty sat by the heat vent….. waiting.

Harland came in from chores and as he walked through the kitchen he looked down at Kitty, then at me, and said,

“The tenant in 4B would like you to send up some heat.”

I laughed.

But Kitty was not amused.

Kitty:  “I’m freezing to death – this is not a laughing matter.”

 Me:  “Sorry Kitty. Would you like to go for a ride in the dryer?”

Kitty:  “Ha ha. You think you are so funny.”