Mystery Text

I just have to laugh sometimes when I read texts between Harland and I.

Here’s an exchange between us last night when he was at a fire dept. meeting and I was left home to guard the fort:

(My texts are in bold.)


7:43pm – Hey, call me..

7:43pm – What’s up?

7:44pm – Bag about the size of a chicken. No sign of labor. And she’s trying the gates.

7:46pm – That’s how she looked at 6:30

7:47pm – Want me to give her another hour?

7:47pm – Yes

8:52pm – No change. And she’s trying to get out near the feed bunk. ┬áR we going to have to pull?

8:57pm – Don’t know

8:59pm – U might ask Andrew or Charlie along. Don’t want to do this alone


We were in for a long evening….

Tune in tomorrow to see what all this nonsense means, and how it all turned out.

Don’t you just love it when I leave you hanging???