Day by day, Kitty is getting better. This morning, her fever was gone. She’s eating better. Tonight she begged for table handouts at supper. She still won’t drink water for some reason, but she will eat whipped cream several times a day, and plenty of milk. Her meow is raspy, but getting stronger. Tonight when I got home from work, she greeted me with a weak meow and a roll over onto her back. First time I’ve seen that in days. She went outside this evening where she laid down and looked around for a few minutes.

She’s not been playful at all. She’s also not been naughty. No jumping on the counter, no attempting to steal Harland’s lunch, no ankle grabbing, no unauthorized jumping outside when we open the door. I never thought I would wish for her to be naughty just so I’d know she was feeling good.


She spends a lot of time each day on the back of the living room chair.


It’s a comfy spot near a window and in a high traffic area so she can keep an eye on us.


 I wonder what she’s thinking about.


“Be one with the chair…”