Back To The Vet?

UPDATE:   4:30pm, Thursday:  Just got a call from Harland who took Kitty to the vet this afternoon. The vet drew blood and tested it for possible cat viruses. The tests came back negative. The vet was not too surprised that Kitty is still not well, explaining that sinus problems in cats are hard to get rid of. So he gave her an long-lasting antibiotic injection and said she should be feeling much better in a couple days. Hopefully Kitty will be back to her old self soon. A big THANK YOU for all your kind thoughts and wishes!

Oh, and according to Harland, Kitty was an ugly patient:  hissing, growling and swiping at everyone.  We’ll put that down to her not feeling well. She would never misbehave at the vet’s office, right? 


9:00am, Thursday:  Well, it’s been over a week since Kitty got sick and started her antibiotic. We’ve been hoping to see improvement every day, and while she’s eating and drinking, her appetite is not normal for her, and she’s not playful at all. We’ve been putting this down to her antibiotic and the possibility that it’s been making her nauseous.

The sneezing and sinus congestion has not gone away, if anything, it’s worse. And last night, her fever came back and she vomited on the floor – twice.  Surely her antibiotics should have made her better by now, but she seems to be slipping backward.

This morning her fever was gone and she greeted us when the alarm went off. She ate her breakfast. But she’s still lethargic and we’re thinking there’s more at work here than a simple sinus infection. So if’ there’s not a dramatic improvement today, she’ll be off to the vet tomorrow for another visit.

I miss our healthy playful Kitty. (This video was taken about a year ago)

Will keep you posted.



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