After serving on jury duty down in Topeka all last week and being away from home, I finally returned Friday evening. It had rained twice while I was away and everything looked green and lush. And after being in town all week with no grass, stale air, and noise noise noise, I couldn’t believe how quiet home was. I took a deep breath of fresh clean air, and listened to the birds in the shade trees. My heart soared. Friday evening I took it easy. Harland was away from home and would return the next morning. I ate a bowl of cereal for supper and watched a movie. I had a hard time sleeping that night with Harland being away and thinking about the trial and all the evidence we’d seen. I finally got out of bed and got a book to read.

Slept late Saturday morning. I never thought jury duty would be tiring, but I was exhausted. Harland returned home Saturday morning, and we spent the day mowing the lawn and cleaning house. We went to church Saturday evening and then grilled some steaks(our own raised meat), and had them for supper along with some new potatoes and sweet corn fresh out of our garden. An entire meal grown by us – very satisfying. Then we watched a movie and went to bed. We were both exhausted. Harland had had trouble sleeping the night before too.

This morning we slept late, then breakfasted. It was cloudy and cool so we dug up the potatoes and pulled the onions spreading them over the garage floor to dry/cure.


The garden soil was damp from the rains this week and with the cool temps and loose soil, we’ve never had an easier time digging potatoes.


Usually digging potatoes is an endurance trial with 100 degree+ temps and concrete drought soil.

After lunch I started a beef stroganoff with our own beef and onions. I’ll be making some homemade egg noodles later to go with it.

Back to court for more deliberation tomorrow morning. Will be so glad to be done, and despite my reluctance to be chosen last Monday, I’m very pleased I was. It’s been a fascinating process to be involved in a jury trial. To be part of the process and responsible for making a decision that will affect people’s lives is humbling.

Have you ever served on a jury and if so, what did you take away from the experience?