Curious Heifers

Harland and I took a couple days off last week and headed down to southern Missouri and northern Arkansas to see the fall foliage. We spent a very relaxing few days just driving around enjoying the colorful woods. One frosty morning when visiting an old mill near a stream, I noticed a field of heifers watching us. I just had to go over and visit.

Heifers are young female bovines who have never had a calf before. These are Holsteins (milk cows) and are about 2 years old, adolescents in the cow world. So as you watch this, think of them as a group of teenage girls:

The reason for their curiosity in me is two-fold:

1. They’ve never seen me before and so are curious, and –

2. They hope maybe I’ve brought some grain for them.

I’ll have more to share about our weekend trip soon. Have a great day all!