Kitty & Muffin….Playing!


Over the last few days, there’s been a change in the wind.  Kitty is no longer hissing or growling at Muffin.

And that would be enough cause for celebration. But wait, there’s more!  Now, she’s fascinated by him and follows him from room to room. When she can catch him (he never stops moving) she gives him a good grooming, or tries too – all that long fur – she doesn’t know what to do with it. But she keeps trying. In her eyes he must appear to be a really messy looking kid.


And she desperately wants to play with him, but he’s a little afraid of her and runs away at most of her advances to play.

Here, a couple grooming sessions turn into play:

There are changes every day now as they become more comfortable with each other. Just this morning while I was doing my hair, Kitty ran past me at top speed, with Muffin in hot pursuit! I thought it was a fluke – why would he be chasing her? Up until now it’s been the other way around. But later, they did it again: Kitty did a little “please chase me” dance in front of Muffin, he stood up on his back legs, and then she took off running full out with him right behind, tearing through the house like their tails were on fire.  For years Kitty has invited me to chase her  – I’ve clocked a lot of miles running around the house after her. Now, she’s got Muffin doing it too. So funny to watch a little furry David chasing Goliath around!

We’re so glad they’re getting along! I really didn’t expect Kitty to warm up to him this well, or this fast. Remember, Kitty hasn’t played with another cat for at least 7 years! She’s a little rusty in her social skills, but is getting things figured out.

Muffin’s not living in the house full time just yet, he’s out in a heated room in the garage with his sister and brother, and his visitations into the house with Kitty, a few hours a day, are still supervised. I’m going to keep him in the house all day tomorrow. If all continues to go well, Muffin will move into the house full time, and we’ll give his brother and sister up for adoption. That will probably happen next week. Muffin loves to play with his siblings, and we’ll feel sad to see them go, but 4 cats in our small house would be a bit much. Hopefully we can find someone who will take both his siblings so they can stay together.

Have a great weekend all!