Daisy And Her New Mom In The Pasture

Last Saturday, Daisy and her new Mom left the barn and entered the pasture for the first time. You’ll recall that Daisy was a twin whose real Mom didn’t take care of her, while her new Mom had lost her calf at birth. We paired them up, they bonded, and this was the first time they were allowed out of the barn to join the herd.


Happy Easter to you and yours!


9 comments to Daisy And Her New Mom In The Pasture

  • Love it! That’s one devoted mamma and one rambunctious calf! Happy Easter!

  • Oh, Daisy is loving her new world. And looks like she’s got a good mama, too.

  • Evelyn

    Somebody is glad to be out of the barn! Mama sure was keeping an eye on her!

  • Tina

    So sweet! I have never seen a full sized cow do a little jump (happy dance) like that. She is sure keeping a close watch and the calf looks happy to be out too. Daisy sure looked surprised to see all the others like her. Happy, happy Easter to you, Harland and all your readers.

  • This reminded me of the video you posted of the bison calves frolicking at the Tallgrass Prairie. My goodness- that mama is going to have her hooves full, keeping up with that one.

    What a wonderful Easter gift! Many thanks, and I hope your day was wonderful. Best wishes to your mom, too. I hope she’s doing better.

  • Jeanne L

    Oh, SO cute!! Both mom and Daisy! I love the whole video, and laughed out loud, when mom did her little happy dance! She’s certainly a concerned momma, watching that baby very closely! Thanks for sharing it!

  • WOW< daisy is running around and her momma is chasing after her…what a fun time and hope all is well with them from then on! Happy Easter to you!

  • Rebecca

    Mom is really sticking close! And she kicked up her heels a time or two…lol..!
    Daisy is adorable! The look in her eyes was comical!
    Glad your mom is on the mend.
    Florida hugs,

  • Lynda M O

    Thanks for sharing that four minutes of joy. Wonderful to see success so clearly.

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