Black Snake

On Sunday afternoon I was looking over the young windbreak of cedar trees we planted a few years ago north of our house.  It was a warm humid day, the warmest we’ve had so far this spring, about 70 degrees.

As I made my way between the trees I came upon this:


I screamed. I always scream when I see a snake.

But then I realized, “Oh, it’s just you.”

This is Mrs. Blacksnake.


She’s been living around our place for years.



Black snakes can be found all over the eastern and central U.S and up into Ontario.  They can get pretty big and are known as the largest snake in Canada. The record length is about eight feet long.

The Mrs. is about six feet long. We don’t see her very often, maybe once in a 12-month, but we see her shedded snakeskin, and more often see her kids.  Earlier in the day I had cleaned out one of my flowerbeds and surprised two baby black snakes hidden among the plants. I had left them there.


Blacksnakes are good mousers so we don’t mind the Mrs. hanging around.