Kitty’s Window On The World


It’s that time of year when it’s warm enough to open the bathroom window and enjoy the smells and sounds of dawn  as I get ready for work.  Kitty loves it because she can sit in the windowsill and watch the birds at the feeder, feel the light breeze in her fur, and sniff at all the outdoorsy smells: smoke from spring prairie burns, the dark soil warming in the sun, or just the clean “nothing” smell of the country that causes us to take a deep breath in.

As an added bonus, these days is our little herd of young cows with their first calves are enjoying their morning in the little pasture just over the yard fence. Kitty and I watch as the sun comes up behind the herd, putting them in profile. We watch the dark silhouettes of the little calves nursing from their moms, or scampering about stretching their legs in an early morning romp over the frosty grass.


Sometimes I linger too long with my elbows on the windowsill pressing my cheek against Kitty’s soft fur and gazing out on a landscape I’m so blessed to be a part of.


Prisoner Update:  Harland took the halter and hobbles off the prisoner this afternoon and reported that while she is still not being motherly toward her calf (cleaning, talking, nuzzling), she’s also NOT kicking or head-butting it while it nurses.  She’s not going to win any “mother of the year” awards, but at least she’s letting the calf nurse and that’s a big thing. So, the plan is to leave her in the barn pen for another day just to make sure, and then they can both go out to pasture with the other young moms and babies. And that will be a week to the day since the prisoner was confined to the barn. Why are some cows so stubborn?  Geez!