New Siding Project – Part 7

Just a short break from our vacation recap to let you know how our remodeling project is coming along. If you missed the first parts, you can catch up here:

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Last time we had poured the concrete for the front sidewalk and patio. Then we went on vacation while the concrete was curing. Earlier this week Harland removed the forms and brought in some soil to fill in around the edges.

And here’s our new front sidewalk:



Here’s our new patio:


Then yesterday, he, Gerald (his brother) and Ramona (sister-in-law) dug out soil, formed up a new sidewalk running from the front door to the garden shed. They also put in the rebar. Late last night Harland soaked down the area to prep it for the concrete.

House on the left, garden shed on the right:



View looking from the shed to the house:



Today, the concrete was poured and about an hour ago, Harland texted this picture of the finished sidewalk.


So we’re almost done with this part of the job. We’ll need to move some soil out of the yard so we can solve the water drainage problem that’s always existed east of the house, move soil all around the new concrete, and plant grass seed before winter.

Then it’s on to the siding!

Stay tuned….


Up Next:  Day 4 of our vacation.