Peonies At Sunset

Our peonies, after surviving 40 mile per hour winds, and unseasonably cold spring temperatures, are finally in full bloom. Tuesday, I had been working in the vegetable garden setting out some cucumbers, and was ready to go in for the night, when I noticed the peonies in the light of the setting sun. I just had to get a few pics.

Once planted, peonies will continue to bloom every year for decades. Our farm has been occupied since the late 1800s,  and someone who longed to have peonies blooming all over the yard planted them at some time in the past.  There’s no telling how long they’ve been here.

This one was a gift from my mom. I planted it near the front door a couple years ago, and this is the first time it has bloomed.  Just love pink- it’s my favorite.

It’s common to see ants on the buds and flowers. They are attracted by the nectar on the outside of the buds, but the ants don’t serve any purpose to the peony.

Check out the view in between the petals when a peony is lit from behind by the sun:

Peonies come in many different shades of red, pink, white, and even yellow.

Do you have peonies in your yard?  If so, what color, and what is your favorite?