Kitty – From Nose To Toes

Today we’re doing a comprehensive study of Kitty. Pay attention as there will be a test at the end. Those who score well will earn college credit. Here we go.

We’ll start at Kitty’s nose tip.

Notice it doesn’t have any hair on it. Also, notice it has both black and brown on it, the same colors of her fur. Her nose is always cold, and usually a little damp. Kinda shocking when she sniffs my bare ankle.

Next, we’ll move on to her eyes.

Notice how large they are, even for a cat, and are a pretty pale yellow.

Her enormous eyes were one of her first features we noticed when we got her.

On the side of Kitty’s face, she has a little stripe running away from the corner of her eye.

I like to tease her by telling her she has overdone her eyeliner. After all, she’s not from ancient Egypt.

Next, we’ll move on to her ears.  You may have noticed earlier that she doesn’t have sharply pointed ears like other cats.

Well, a couple of winters ago, she went outside one particularly cold day for some fresh air, something she did often back then with never a problem. Well, she was out a little too long, and got frostbite on her ears. They puffed up and turned red, and we were afraid for a time that she was going to lose a good part of her ears. Luckily though, only the cartilage at the very tip was affected, leaving her with saggy ear tips.

We feel very guilty about this happening, but fortunately, Kitty doesn’t hold a grudge.  

Next, we’ll move on to Kitty’s front feet, which are are typical cat paws – all soft and round.

They can softly knead her pillow before she lays upon it, or, with claws extended, catch a bird or vole.

Her back feet are connected to legs that with a little spring action, she can jump straight up into the air about 4 feet, or roughly 5 times her own height.

Can you do that? Sadly, neither can we. Imagine how easy it would be to clean out your gutters if you could simply jump on and off your roof. Imagine how impressed your neighbors would be too.

Finally, we come to Kitty’s backside.

From this angle, when she walks away from us, we think she looks like she’s wearing pants that are too small and too tight. Sound funny? Watch your own cat as it walks away from you. See how they keep their back legs close together? See? Pants too tight.

Anyway, Kitty’s finally had enough time outdoors in our tropical heat today, so we come back inside.

There, she lays flat against the linoleum floor to cool off . 

Oh, and here’s Kitty’s latest cute stunt. She recently started bringing her little paws up to her chin when she wants something, like she’s begging.

Not sure why she started doing this as we didn’t teach her and she’s never done it before. But it sure is cute.

And so ends Kitty Class for today. As for the test, aw shucks, you were all attentive, so everybody gets an A today.

Class dismissed.


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