Tom and Eva

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Been a while since I paid a visit to the barn to see Tom and Eva. Three-legged Tom, so named because he has a bum front leg, has been our resident barn tomcat for the last few years.

Eva has lived in the barn for years and years, and raises a litter of kittens every summer.

Eva is named after Eva Braun (Hitler’s wife) due to her resemblence to Hitler with her little mustache.

Eva is not tame and gets rather growly if we get too close.

Tom though is very friendly and loves to be petted, but is kinda nervous at the same time. If I walk up to him he runs away, but if I crouch down and sidle up to him slowly, he’ll let me pet him.  When he sees me he rolls about on the ground making little plaintive meow sounds, which is his way of asking for attention.

So I pet him, and oh, how loves it. He purrs like a freight train, like it’s the best thing to happen to him all day. What a flirt he is.
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