Cattle Therapy

No, not therapy for the cattle, therapy for me!

Sometimes when I need a stress reliever, I go out to the pasture and sit down (look before you sit of course) and let the cows graze around me.

SOOOO relaxing. The sound of them clipping the grass as they graze along…..the meadowlarks singing from the top of nearby fenceposts….the sound of little hooves as the calves approach with caution and then dare themselves to get closer and closer.

L to R: Eunice’s calf (aka, the Thief) and Clarabelle’s calf

It’s just me, the ground, the sky, and the cattle.

Perfect therapy and best of all, it’s free.

And here’s some free therapy for you too. Watch as Eunice and Clarabelle along with their calves come over to get a close look at me. (Make sure to have your speakers turned up)



Ahhh…..don’t you feel better now?

BTW, The last calf we saw there, the all brown one, is Eunice’s calf, aka, the Thief. Doesn’t he look innocent? Sure, right.

Have a good day all!