Ready For Spring

Spring is a season, a time when life renews itself, wakes up from its winter slumber ready to face another year. But spring can also be a state of mind – a time for new beginnings.

Lately, I’ve not been myself. Kinda out of sorts. Not anything big, I’m just in a slump. And I’m ready for spring.

I need a change – a new outlook. I want to be a better person. To love more, worry less, and accept the world for what it is- faulted, myself included. And I’m going to take better care of me – not be so hard on myself as I can sometimes be.

The other day after work I was on my way out of Wallyworld with an armload of groceries ( I have this insane theory that a person can get out of a store faster if they don’t use a cart – Ha!), when I passed by the flowers. And I thought to myself, why not? Do you know I don’t think I’ve ever bought flowers for myself in my life? How silly of me not to take advantage of an opportunity to brighten up my world with lovely scented blooms. So I grabbed a bunch of orange tulips and brought them home. They’ve been cheering us up at our dinner table for the last few days.


And when they fade, I’m going to buy some more. Because I’m ready for spring, for it’s cheery blooms, and for a better me.


How about you?  What are you needing in your life this spring?