The Heifers and Their Calves

Here’s a video of our heifers and their first calves. Technically once they had their calves they were no longer heifers, but became cows. But we continue to call them heifers through the spring and fall to differentiate them from the older cows. The first of the heifer’s calves came in late February, and the most recent came in late April. When born they weighed 70-80 pounds, but the older ones now weigh about 120-130 pounds.

The pasture fence is at the edge of the yard so we can keep a close eye on everyone even from the house. So I can watch them while washing dishes or brushing my teeth. Kitty, our little “leopard”, likes to watch the “wildebeast” herd from a  “acacia tree on the African plain“. She likes to pretend she’s looking for the weak member of the herd that she can single out and kill for supper.

A few days after I shot this video, we moved all of our cattle to the summer pasture where there is plenty of grass, and shade trees. They’ll stay there until fall.

It’s very quiet now around the house. While we’re happy the calving season is over, we kinda miss having the herd close by. The little pasture near the house will sit empty until next February when Harland brings in a new batch of heifers ready to have their first calves.