Bringing In The Herd

A few weeks ago we brought in the herd from the winter pasture, sorted the cows from their calves, ran everyone through the chute for their spring shots, loaded them onto a semi-truck, and hauled them to the summer pasture. It was a very long day, starting early about 8am with the round-up out of the pasture and into the lot where we work them.

Cows don’t like to be rounded up and driven anywhere, especially when they know that disagreeable things are going to happen to them, so it takes Harland, his brother, Gerald, and his nephew, Andrew, all on 4-wheelers, to get them gathered together in the pasture and then driven into the lot.

I’ve always wanted to show you this bit, but have never found a way to film it so I didn’t interfere with the process. This year I finally got the idea to hide in a building that sits just at the entrance to the lot. ┬áIt was crucial that the cattle couldn’t see me, otherwise, they would have turned tail and run back out into the pasture, so I hid myself well in the building and stuck my camera out to film the action:

And so a very long day began…

I’ll bring you more from 0ur spring cattle round up soon.