We Need To Change His Name

Overheard at our house these days:

“Get out of the kitchen sink!”

“Get off the kitchen table!”

“Stop drinking my milk!”

“This is not a rumpus room!”

“Stop splashing your drinking water out of the dish!”

“Don’t sharpen your claws on the ceiling tiles!”

“Stop hanging from the curtains!”

“Stop eating the houseplants!”

“My hair is not a toy!”

Don’t sharpen your claws on the bed!”

“Stop climbing me like a tree!”

“Leave the wallpaper alone!”


So!  How about a new name?

He’s a blonde/redhead. Looks and acts like a Viking.

How about “Vlad, the Destroyer”?

Much more appropriate than “Muffin”, don’t you think?



His playful personality, velvety softness, and loving nature, not mention that ridiculously loud purring, make up for a multitude of sins:

 Let’s hope the “Destroyer” part of his personality is just a phase that he’ll outgrow.