Red Columbine

I just love the columbine in the flower beds. I planted them from seed last year, and this year they are blooming their little hearts out.

And the best part of all is that they are wind resistant. Other flowers would be shredded in the 30 mile per hour wind we’ve been getting lately, but the columbine just bobs along on the breeze like they’re having all kinds of fun, and then when the wind stops they go back to hanging there, looking perfect like nothing happened.

My daffodils were broken and shredded in the wind when they bloomed several weeks ago, and now the irises are suffering the same fate. But the columbine goes merrily along.

You see, columbine is a native plant to Kansas.

They know about the wind. They’re prepared and armed. They laugh at wind. It’s just wonderful.

I planted other native plants from seed last spring too, and I’ll show them in later posts as they bloom.