The Cattle Herd

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This page contains links to all the posts about the cows, calves, heifers, and bulls. If you’d like to see a cattle round-up, newborn calves, or some stern looking bulls, this is the place for you. So put on your cowboy hat and boots, belt out your best “YEE-HAW” and enjoy our life with the cattle from the comfort of your easy chair. And you don’t even have to be careful where you step.

Some quick definitions for you:

  • Cow: a female who has had more than one calf
  • Calf: a baby less than a year old
  • Heifer: a young female over one year old who has not had her first calf
  • Steer: a male that has been castrated before reaching maturity (these are raised for beef)
  • Bull: a male over a year old

Just click on each title below, and a new window will open for that post.

Very Big

First Calf Of The Year

Newborn Calf

Another Newborn Calf

Adorable Calves

Wipe Your Face

An Evening With The Neighbors


In The Pasture

Cow’s Eye View

Working Cattle

White Face Calf

The Bulls

The Calves Are Growing

Growing Calves

Feeding The Cattle

Cattle Round Up – Part 1

Cattle Round Up – Part 2

Cattle Round Up – Part 3

The Beauty Of Cows

My How The Calves Have Grown

Feeding The Calves

Feeding Hay To The Cattle

Blizzard On The Prairie

Cattle Auction

More From The Cattle Auction

First Calf of 2011

A Calf Visit

Cow Giving Birth To A Calf

Afternoon With The Calves

Morning Chores

Evening Chores/Chaos

Cow Playing With Her Calf

Calf Portraits

Pasture Holligans

Working Cattle In The Spring

How To Clean Your Calf

A Cow’s Trip To The Beauty Parlor

Bottle Calf

Bottle Calf Feeding

Pretty Cows

Cattle Out On Cornstalks

How to Call In The Herd

Moving Cattle

Winter Evening Chores

Panda Calf Update

Panda Calf at a Year Old

The Maternity Ward

The Cutest Calf Ever

Video of the Cutest Calf Ever

Eunice Has Her Calf

Difficult Calf Birth

Hostile Cow


Clarabelle Has Her Calf

Violet Has Her Calf

Hazel Has Her Calf

Sparkling Clean Calf

Mabelle Has Her Calf

What’s going on?

Out In The Pasture

Hazel’s Calf Goes To The Vet

Cattle Therapy

Cleo’s Newborn Calf

Spring Cattle Move

Cleo Moves to the Summer Pasture

Drought Stressed Pasture

Feeding The Calves

Giving Cattle Shots

Bottle Feeding Two Calves

New Spring Calves

A Very Painful Calf Birth – Part 1

A Very Painful Calf Birth – Part 2

Release Into The Spring Pasture

A Little Assistance

The Prisoner

Early April With The Herd

Dolly The Wonder Cow

Release of the Prisoner

8,000 Pounds of Bull

In The Pasture

A Few Odds and Ends

A New Haybale

Spring Cattle Move

Spring Cattle Move – Part 2

Parting Shots

A Steer’s Trip To The Barber

At The Summer Pasture

A Cattle Visit

Cattle Roundup – Fall 2013 – Part 1

Cattle Roundup – Fall 2013 – Part 2

Cattle Roundup – Fall 2013 – Part 3

First Calf 2014


Sweet Pea and Her New Mom

Time To Leave The Barn

Hormonal HeiferĀ 


The Heifers and Their Calves

Feeding Hay In The Snow

The Calves

The Heifers 2015

First Time Mama and Her Calf

Out In The Pasture

A Medical Mystery

Daisy and Goliath


A Down Day

The Bonding Progress So Far

Day Two of the Bonding Process

Day Three

Daisy and Her New Mom In The Pasture

Donald and His New Mom

Bringing In The Herd

Working The Herd

Cattle Working Facility – Part 1

Cattle Working Facility – Part 2

Cattle Working Facility – Part 3

Cattle Working Facility – Part 4

Cattle Working Facility – Part 5

Working Cattle On Our Kansas Farm – Part One

Working Cattle On Our Kansas Farm – Part 2

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