Abandoned Schoolhouse

This fall, young students, nervous about their first day of school, won’t be walking down the road towards this one room schoolhouse.

They won’t greet friends in the schoolyard.

They won’t be climbing the creaky wooden steps, lunchpails in hand.

They won’t wonder where they are supposed to sit.

They won’t see the piano and be excited about music class.

No student will be scolded by the teacher for gazing out this window.

Students won’t be dismissed here or run excitedly out the front door.

And no one will make a quick stop at the outhouse before heading home.

I shouldn’t be sad when I see old abandoned schoolhouses like this one in northwest Nebraska, but I do.  I think about how many students must have started and completed their education, all in one room. I think about the young ladies who worked long days teaching all the grades and all the subjects, by themselves.

Times change, and people move on. Change is part of life and I get that.

But I’m still sad when I see this.

How about you? Did you or anyone you know attend a one room schoolhouse?


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