Walking Tour

For some time I’ve been meaning to take you on a tour of our place, but never could get around to it. Well, today was a wonderful day here. It rained all day. Settled in and just rained and rained and rained. I went out with an umbrella this morning and splashed about in the puddles and walked all around. I came back inside, but couldn’t stay away from the glorious rain. So I went back out, this time with the camera and walked up to the barn where the heifers have their calves in the spring and starting from there, took a tour of our little place. So here you go-

A walking tour in the rain:



I talked to Harland afterward about the exact age of the house. When it was originally built, it didn’t have the dormer window upstairs or the mudroom on the front. ¬†He said it was built without plumbing or electricity, and judging by the types of nails and lumber, he thinks it was probably older, more like about 1900. It was built as the hired man’s house, and when the landowner’s house burnt in the early 1900’s, the landowner moved the hired man’s house ¬†down the hill and set it on the burnt house’s foundation. The stone in our basement is still black in places from the fire.

So far today, we’ve had 3 inches of rain, the most moisture we’ve had at once since last fall. The pond’s level up the road has come up today, as has Terrapin creek – it has water flowing in it, something we’ve not seen since spring.

Just a wonderful day.