Our Kitties!

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Muffin (5)

Here are all the posts about Kitty and Muffin, our adorable, soft, cute housecats. Start at the very beginning with the oldest posts at the top of this page, reading your way through the years to the most recent posts at the bottom. Enjoy all the adorable kitty cat love.

Kitty and Tomatoes

How Kitty Gets Attention From The Humans

Kitty’s Post

Kitty’s Story

The Barn Cats and Kitty’s New Stunt

Aromatic Aster and Kitty

Kitty’s Enemy

Kitty In Bed

Kitty Finds The Warmest Spot

Kitty In A Box

2nd Degree Attempted Birdslaughter

Kitty Works All Day

My Very First Giveaway

Kitty’s Film Debut

Holding Kitty

Kitty and the Meaning Of Life

Kitty In The Window

Kitty – From Nose To Toes

Kitty Playing

Wanna Go Outside?

Kitty’s On A Roll

Kitty’s Imagination

Kitty Cleans Up

Kitty and the Pumpkin Puree

Kitty and the Office Chairs

The Remarkable Domestic Kitty Turkey

Kitty’s Visit To The Vet

A Day In The Life Of Kitty

Putting Up The Christmas Tree

Kitty Hiding In The Forest

Kitty and The Lint Roller

Worn Out Kitty

Kitty On High-Alert

Kitty and Her Blanket

Kitty and the Rainy Day

Kitty the Bloodhound

Kitty and the Wide Angle Lens

Kitty and Her Catnip Mouse

How Kitty Helped

And while I was trying to decide what to wear…

Free Peaches

Kitty’s Hunting Skills

While I Was In The Kitchen…

Kitty On Harland’s Cellphone


The Two Sides of Kitty

Don’t Make Me Beg

A Trip To The Vet

Kitty’s Anniversary

Turn Up The Heat!

Kitty and her New Pet Fountain

Another Trip To The Vet

Kitty Update

Kitty’s New Hat

Good Vs. Bad


How Much?

Kitty’s Eyes

Kitty’s Window On The World

Kitt’s Spot Clean

Kitty On The Hunt

Kitty and the Suitcase

Tomato Carnage

Crappy 2% Milk

Under the Weather

A Little Better


Back to the Vet.

A Little Cleaning Up

I’m Awake And You Should Be Too!

Kitty and the Grasshopper

Kitty Welcomes Me

Kitty and the Antique Chair

Kitty’s Annual Vaccinations

Kitty and the Bills

Kitty Finds Some Sun

Kitty In The Morning Sun

Sleeping Position Number 1

Sleeping Position Number 2

Sleeping Position Number 3

Sleeping Position Number 4

A New Pair of Shoes

A Recipe For Relaxation

A Kitty Mystery

A Few Gratuitous Pics of Kitty

Kitty On The Hunt

An Early Christmas Gift

What a Difference A Week Makes

The Progress So Far

Perfect Contentment


Paybacks are…

We’ll Have What You’re Having





Group Hug

Hide and Seek

I’m In!


We Need To Change His Name

Muffin Helps Fold Laundry

Wrestling Match

Cleaning Up



All Grown Up

Are You Comfortable?


Still Fetching

The Farmer Blues

The Cat Who Loves Water

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