About Me


Hello, my name is Suzanne. I grew up in the country in Missouri, and planned on living there the rest of my life. Then in 2007, I met my future husband through a dating website.

After a year of long distance dating, I moved to Kansas, and  we married. You can read all about  our love story here:




We have a farm with cattle, and we also grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay.  Visit The Farm category to take a peek at real life on a farm.

We have flower beds all around the house, and a vegetable garden where we grow all kinds of produce.  Take a look at the Gardening category to see what’s growing.

Also, I love to cook good old-fashioned country spread-your-ribs-apart-when-you-eat-it  food, so check out the The Kitchen category for recipes and step by step directions.

The beauty of the prairie is ever changing. From prairie fires to prairie chickens, it’s all here in the Beauty Of The Prairie category.

We get away when we can for road trips around the countryside, and love to take lots of pictures on our travels. Check out the Road Trip category and come along for the ride.

Because Kitty, our adorable house-cat, demanded her share of the blog, I  had to dedicate a page just for her and all her posts. Check out Kitty’s Page.

Strange things happen out here from time to time. From visiting racoons, to spiders and frogs. Check out the Curious Doings category. Join in the strangeness.

Visit often and leave comments. I’d love to hear from you!