Beauty Of The Prairie

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Here are all my posts showing the ever-changing, but always beautiful prairie. Come watch wild turkeys foraging, geese on a frozen pond, prairie chickens doing their spring mating dance, and grazing white tail deer. The native wildflowers are all in bloom here: from wild sunflowers to purple prairie clover, black-eyed susans to prairie wild roses.  Take a helicopter ride over the Flint Hills and up the Blue River, or go for a walk  through the wildflowers searching for a herd of bison.

Pop some popcorn and relax as you treat yourself to the Beauty of the Prairie.

(Just click on each title, and it will open into a new window for that post)

Prairie Vistas

Sunset On The Prairie

Prairie Fire

Summer Skies

Tallgrass Prairie

Stormy Skies

Traveling The Backroads

One Room School

Spooky Stormy Skies

Evening On The Prairie

A Drive Down The Dirt Roads

A Little Waterfall On Terrapin Creek

View Of The Prairie From A Helicopter

Autumn Evening On The Prairie

Abandoned Stone House

Snow On The Prairie

Pony Creek

Snowy Backroads

Winter Woods

Evening Snow


Blizzard On The Prairie

Winter Sunrise

Fire and Ice

Prairie Moonrise

A Farmer’s Office

Controlled Burn

Morning Dew

Windmills, Sandhills, and Rainbows

Summer Pasture

North Branch Otter Creek Bridge

Forgotten Rose

The Konza Prairie

Fireworks Over A Prairie Town

Prairie Sunrise

Summer Storm

Abandoned Schoolhouse

Prairie Sunset

Fireworks In August

Barn On The Prairie

Fall In The Flint Hills

Flint Hills 360

Sunset In The Cornfield

South Dakota Skies

Northern Lights in Kansas

Country Cemetery At Night

Cross Timbers State Park

Fall Sunrise On The Prairie (Tallgrass National Prairie Preserve)

Pioneer Bluffs

Winter Moon

Santa Fe Trail

Red Barn

Sunset Afterglow

Flat Water Wind Energy Project

Snowy Sunrise

Barns in the Snow

Snowy Odds and Ends

Flying Geese At Sunset

Stone Arch Bridge

Flint Hills Of Kansas

Flint Hills Up Close

Clements Stone Arch Bridge

Lower Fox Creek School

Summer Evening (video)

Snokomo Schoolhouse

Venus Transit

Storm Clouds Rollin’ In

Home On The Range

Badlands National Park

Summer Bison Video

Volland One Room School

Hurricane Isaac

Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie

Fox Tracks in the Snow

Tallgrass Prairie In Winter

Pedee Creek and the Snowy Woods

Controlled Burn 2013

Video of Controlled Burn


Spring Trip To The Flint Hills

Spring Trip To The Flint Hills – Day 2

Prairie Wildflowers

Pony Creek

Snow Geese Flock

Sunset At Squaw Creek

Fall Foliage

Prairie Plants & Flowers

Prairie Wild Rose

Prairie Wild Rose – Opened

Tallgrass Prairie

Western Salsify

Prairie Wildflowers

Native Wildflowers And A Turtle

Queen Anne’s Lace

Wildflowers Of August

Wild Sunflowers

Wild Sunflowers At Sunset


Blue Sage

American Bittersweet Vine



Missouri Evening Primrose

Ox-Eye Daisy

Roadside Beauty

Goat’s Beard Seed-Heads (Western Salsify)

Wildflowers of the Prairie

American Lotus

Fall Leaves

Maximilian Sunflowers


Fall Wildflowers

Autumn Favorites


A Disappointment

Flint Hills Up Close

Sunrise On The Prairie

Common Sunflower

Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie

Spring Trip To The Flint Hills

Daisies and Penstemon

Prairie Wildflowers

Prairie Wildflowers of Spring

Animals On The Prairie

Greater Prairie Chickens

Tallgrass Prairie

Native Wildflowers And A Turtle

Monarch Butterfly Migration

Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

White Tailed Deer

Snow Geese

Canada Geese On A Frozen Lake

Horses In The Snow

Wild Turkeys

Turkeys In The Snow

Smart Turkey

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes On The Platte River

Striped Skunk

Prairie Chickens – Part 1

Prairie Chickens – Part 2

American White Pelicans

Great Blue Herons

Sandhills Wildlife

Sharptail Grouse

Sharptail Grouse Video

Tadpoles – Episode 1

Tadpoles – Episode 2

Tadpoles – Episode 3

Tadpole/Froggy – Episode 4

Bison Herd

Bison Calf

Morning With A Bison Herd

Grazing Bison Herd

Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle – Part 1

Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle – Part 2

Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle – Part 3

Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle – Part 4

Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle – Part 5

Monarch Butterfly Update

A Monarch Butterfly Is Born

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Dew Covered Grasshopper

A Change In The Air (Canada Geese Heading South)

Prairie Bugs

Opossum In Our Yard

Bison Herd In The Fall

Video Of Bison Herd

Fall Migration

Canada Geese

Elk Herd

Bison Herd at Maxwell Wildlife Refuge

Bison Herd Video

Creature Cam

Creature Cam Results (skunk and badger)

A Pair of Pigeons

Trumpeter Swans Bathing

Western Meadowlark (video)

Sandhill Crane Migration

Sandhill Crane Video

Greater Prairie Chicken Display

Prairie Chicken Battle Video

BLM Mustangs in the Flint Hills

Summer Bison

Summer Bison Video

Bald Eagle At Rest

While-Tailed Deer

Bison Herd In Winter

Black Snake

Circle of Life

Baby Robins

Spring Trip To The Flint Hills

Spring Trip To the Flint Hills, Day 2

Me and My Shadow (Gray Tree Frog)

Red Tailed Hawk

White-Tailed Deer

Canada Geese


Bison Calves Playing

Bison at Prairie State Park

Snow Geese Flock

Sunset At Squaw Creek

Pelicans On The Prairie

White Tailed Deer and Great Horned Owl Chicks at Squaw Creek Natl’ Wildlife Refuge

American Coot

Great Egret

White Faced Ibis

Trumpeter Swans

Snow Geese

Swans on Ice