Early April With The Herd


The calves are growing fast and are now playing with each other. They head-butt, push each other about and wrestle. Sometimes they chase each other and the cows will join in the fun. In the pasture near our house, the cows are only about two years old so they are still just kids themselves. We think of them as teenagers.

I’ve been waiting for a sunny, warm evening with no wind so I could take some video of the young cows and their first calves. In Kansas, still warm evenings in the spring are a tall order, but yesterday it finally happened. Well, at least the sunny and non-windy part. It was 40 degrees, no exactly warm, but it was tolerable.

So here’s a little slice of peace and tranquility (well, except for the train) in our little corner of the country:

The train tracks are about a half mile away to the north and most days we can barely hear the trains. But when the wind is out of the north, it’s like the trains are going through our yard. We don’t mind though. It sounds wistful, don’t you think?

Have a peaceful day everyone!