Prairie Chicken Battle

Here’s a video of two males engaged in battle.

I was going to edit this down, but then I thought you might enjoy it more to see it unedited and uncut, from the beginning of the fight to the end.

A little background: The center part of the praire chicken display grounds, or lek, is off to your left. That’s where the more dominant males hang out. Females will only mate with the males in the center of the lek.

So pretend you’re cramped up in a blind. It’s early spring on the Kansas prairie and you’re watching as an ages-old story unfolds:



If it looks violent, it’s because there’s a lot at stake here. The winner not only gains dominance but a chance to mate with the females and pass on his genetics to future generations.

So these battles are the most important events in male prairie chickens’ lives.

Hope you enjoyed your trip to the prairie. Have a great day everyone.