Kansas State Fair

Well, I left the computer off at the shop yesterday over my lunch hour. It was like leaving a small child behind. Will they be able to cure its ills? Will I get it back in one piece? Will it work better than it has been? Gosh I hope so.  In the meantime you are stuck with treated to seeing my older photos. Today, we’re going to the State Fair.

Last year, we went down Hutchinson, KS to attend the State Fair. Everything was there that you would expect at a fair in this part of the country.

We always visit the poultry building. We love looking at the chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc. And they like looking back at us.

At the dairy building, a Holstein cow had just had a calf. She had cleaned it off and was standing over it protectively.  A calf is born in the dairy barn most every day during the fair.

In the swine building, life at the fair had gotten to be too much for this pig. He was sleeping so soundly, he never moved when I took his pic. Loved how his tongue was hanging out. I can relate to being that tired.

Every hour through the day there was a sheep shearing exhibition. This sheep made eye contact with me with what seemed like a mute appeal for help. Sorry honey, it’ll grow back.

As evening approached, Harland (hubby) asked me to go up with him on the Ferris wheel so he could get a pic of the midway. I’m afraid of heights, but I swallowed my fear and got aboard. I got some nice pics, and it wouldn’t have been so bad except for the fact that hubby kept moving and shifting position which shook the car around. In between pics I held on with a death grip.  Later I went up again with him. I’m either a glutton for punishment, or just enjoy his company that much, or am wanting to tackle this fear of heights thing. Maybe all of the above.

I used to love riding carousels, and while of course I don’t ride them anymore, I do enjoy watching them. All the lights, color, and movement.

I’ve only ever been to fairs in the Midwest. How does the fair where you live compare?


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