Maine – Day 2

Our second day on our Maine vacation was spent on Schoodic Penninsula, which is part of Acadia National Park, but is a less visited part of the park so there are fewer crowds. Early that morning, we left our little cottage (Micmac Farm) where we stayed the first 2 nights,

and headed south to Schoodic where we stood on the pink granite shore and just stared at the crashing waves,

and seagulls.

Since we were there at low tide, there were little tidepools to explore.

Offshore, lobster boats fished for lobster.

Prices are down right now and I feel for the lobster fisherman.

Next, we walked/climbed up a trail to the top of Schoodic Head, a 430 foot mountain, accessed by a mile long trail. It was rough going and very steep in places, and by the time we got to the top, we were exhausted. A bit much for a couple flatlanders from Kansas. At the top we panted our way to the overlook where we couldn’t help but notice a very pregnant woman, her husband and several very small children. We looked at each other. There’s no way they came up the same trail we did climbing over logs and boulders. So we asked them how they got to the top.

“Oh, we drove up.”

Our guidebook, though new, did not mention the option of driving up. Holy cow. So, we lay down under a tree to catch our breath. And then we took in the view, which was spectacular.

We started back down which was easier than climbing up,

and we took some pics on the way down the trail.

That afternoon we stopped at Prospect Harbor to view the lobster boats anchored there.

That evening found us back where we started, watching the waves as the sun set.

I learned how to blur water while there.  All you have to do is set up your camera on a tripod, change your f-stop to the highest number your camera will go, open the lens (aperture) as much as you can, turn off your autofocus, set the ISO to 125,  and take your pics with a shutter release.

If it gets dark enough making the lens stay open longer, the waves blur to the point where they appear to be fog rather than waves.

Then get your husband to stand very still so he doesn’t blur.

Here’s a video of our day.


Up next, day 3 of our Maine vacation. More pics and video from one of my favorite parts of the country.


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