Tadpoles (Episode 1)

Remember a few weeks ago when the frogs in the pond across the road were having their annual spring fling?  Well, here’s the result of all that fun:

Baby froggies, better known as tadpoles or pollywogs.  This one is a few weeks old, and measures about 1 centimeter or 3/8 inch long.  Unlike adult frogs who eat bugs, tadpoles eat algae and other plant matter. They don’t have arms or legs yet, and instead of breathing air, they breathe with internal gills.

In the coming weeks, they will gradually grow legs with webbed feet, lungs will grow to replace the gills, arms will form and the tail will be absorbed.

But for now, this little tadople swims around in a tank at our house so we can take pictures of him to share as he turns into a frog.

Stay tuned.

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